RDG Learning Academy


Based on Retail Doctor Group’s internationally recognised Fit for Business™ Content

After over 15 years of consulting and advising on best practice retailing, both domestically and internationally, we have taken our proven Fit For Business™ programs and products and evolved them into a series of blended learning retail training modules and operational tools designed to maximise business success.

Our continuously evolving Retail Academy content is available in all formats from off-the-shelf training and best practice tools and resources to tailored content in a blended learning experience. 

To create a truly engaging user experience, our content is complemented with gamification features such as role-play, checklists and resources to create an environment of embedded learning.

Blended Retail Learning & Operational Tools

There is something for every retailer regardless of your business size and training goals!

To give you the best possible experience, we offer varying levels of memberships to our Retail Academy, with content and learning programs and best practise operational tools updated weekly to help keep your fingers on the retail pulse.


Instant access to RDG Fit for Business™ content

E-learning Modules

Pre-recording Webinars

Key Management Templates

Suitable for: Small businesses, Independent retailers wanting immediate action and results


Tailored content for your business based on RDG Fit for Business™ modules

E-learning Modules

F2F Training

Tailored Live Webinars

Suitable for: Small-medium retailers, Asset management companies (20+ employees)


Retail Excellence Training Program using multiple Fit for Business™ tools

Tailored Learning Content

Mystery Shopping

Compliance & Process Alignment

Manager Upskilling

Procedures & Checklists

Incentivisation Program

Suitable for: Medium-large retailers, Franchisors (100+ employees)

Improve your business opportunities

Company Benefits

  • Motivate your team and improve retention through an outstanding learning experience.
  • Knowledge and tactical how to’s of increasing sales and profit across your stores.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Improvement in consistency and accountability of retail team.
  • Alignment of culture and change behaviours.

Employee Benefits

  • Access learning tools and online modules at anytime and from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Engaging, stimulating content to maximise the learning experience.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding in retail specific practices.
  • Downloadable resources to put your learnings into practice. 
  • Learn at your own pace.

Upskill your team and be the best retailer you can be

There is nothing like ‘hands-on’ experience to repair, refine, or grow your retail business to its optimal market value.

Download our Retail Academy Overview to explore different learning programs, tools and opportunities.